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(ERTZ)合作开发了第一台用于计算电子元件的自动化X射线扫描仪。该系统以显着和可测量的方式简化了电子行业的物料清单流程。 OC-SCAN®CCX可有效用于提高生产力,降低成本,提高组件安全性,减少工作量并提高客户满意度。
同时,该系统作为工业4.0 SMT生产的标准设备已经在全球建立起来。


OC-SCAN®CCX - 原始的X射线组件计数器

OC-SCAN®CCX.3给出了关于单一组分库存的确切概述。 所有相关数据都可以实时提供。 通过使用X射线计数器,年度库存变得多余。 CCX的操作由自动组件识别和人工数据库智能支持。 OC-SCAN®CCX.3使电子制造商能够按照客户订单计数辅助设备。


  • 计数精度:> 99.9%
  • 计数时间<10秒
  • 存储空间:0.64平方米
  • 重量:380公斤
  • 物体尺寸:75 x 220 x70厘米
  • 卷直径:最大。 38厘米(15英寸)
  • 卷筒高度:最大 10厘米
  • 组件大小可达01005
  • 230V,50 Hz,16 A.
X-Ray Counter OC-SCAN<sup®</sup>CCX

X-Ray Counter OC-SCANCCX

Exact inventory knowledge and permanent inventory is mandatory to increase productivity, for on-time delivery and an immediate reaction in case of bottlenecks.

The OC-SCANCCX.3 gives an exact overview about single component stocks.

Automatic component recognition - Counting of unknown components - intelligent database onsite - verification of results - Sticks & Trays - Order counting - Inventory mode - Quad Count - Compoment Chains - Dry Pack



Automatic component recognition and artificial database intelligence:

The full-automatic OC-SCANCCX mixes the unknown components and detects the correct parameter setting - without external databases or a cloud.

The articles are deposited subsequently with the orresponding data in the building part library.

OC-SCAN<sup®</sup>CCX: Quad Count

OC-SCANCCX: Quad Count

Counting is possible for up to four reels (7’’) during ONE process within less then 20 seconds. Each result is verified individualy through the plausibilty check. The operator can inspect each single image and accept it. The correct classification of the counting results to the corresponding reels is ensured by barcode crosschecking.


Plausibility Check 

This is a very innovative and excellent software feature for Industry 4.0

When the counting algorithm is reached, several factors are examined in the plausibility check: Is approximately the same number of building parts in each sector? Do all building parts in the reel have approximately the same size? Are they approximately at the same distance?

This is evaluated in a stoplight mode (green, yellow and orange) and provides an overview of the counting exactness of the result. If the results are marked up in yellow or orange, the operator decides through a visual check whether the counting of the components was performed correctly. If required, he corrects the result or repeats the process. The threshold values of the stoplight function can be determined by the customer according to their own needs or exactness requirements.

The plausibility check is the prerequisite for the integration of the OC-SCAN®CCX in a full-automatic storage system without manual operation.


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